Winter Roof Leaks

Winter can give your roof a hard time. The snow, ice, cold rain, wind, and more may wreak havoc and leave you with problems you didn’t imagine. Winter roof leaks as a result of the weather can happen anywhere on your roof.

It is important to have your roof checked yearly for major problems. It is also a very good idea to have it checked after any major weather-related incidents. Heavy winter weather is one of those incidents. Prior to winter, have your roof evaluated for weaknesses. After winter, if you have signs of roof leaks and other damage, have it checked again.


Snow and Icicles on Roof

Winter Roof Leaks

Snow may seem light, but snow piled up on your roof gets heavy. Wet snow is even heavier. Even a new roof can be damaged under the weight of snow. The best thing to do is start by making sure your roof is ready for this part of winter weather. After snowfall, you should have your roof checked for damage, like leaks. If leaks are found, schedule repairs immediately.


Icicle may look nice, but they can be signs of a problem. They may mean that your roof isn’t draining properly. Ice dams are the same sign. The water is coming off your roof only to freeze at the edge. When this happens, you risk water and ice buildup damaging your roof. Your sealing may crack, and water may leak into your roof. This can lead to roof rot and other problems.

Don’t let winter weather cause roof damage. Prevent and mend winter roof leaks with the help of our services at Weather Guard Roofing. Call for expert roofing services in Houston, TX, at 281-565-3393.