Why Choose a Tile Roof?

A Roofer Installs Roofing Tiles.

Tile roof or shingles

Tile roof is what many homeowners today are choosing as an option for their roofing, especially because tile roofing fits with so many different architectural styles. Roof tiles come in a variety of styles and materials, usually either terracotta or slate. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, tile roofs are often much more durable than asphalt shingle roofs. While most shingle roofs last about 25 years before they need to be replaced, tile roofs can last as long as a century, and often get 50-year warranties. 

While tile roofs are appealing and durable, initial installation costs can be high, whereas shingle roofs generally cost much less to install. Although shingle roofs come in a wide variety of colors and styles, they are prone to problems like deterioration from moss growth and debris accumulation.

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Here are some benefits of tile roofs:

  • Roof tiles are aesthetically pleasing, so will add to curb appeal.
  • Tile is more durable than other materials in severe weather and other harsh conditions.
  • Roof tiles are fire resistant and receives highest Class A safety rating against fire.
  • Tile roofs serves as a better insulator to improve energy efficiency.

How long does a tile roof last?

On average, tile roofs will last about 50 years with proper maintenance and care. In some cases tile roofs can last for a century or more, and most warranties for them are 50-year warranties. That longevity is one of the appeals of tile roofs.

Can you walk on a tile roof?

When you need to walk on a tile roof for repairs or for inspections, precautions must be taken. If you are performing an inspection or repair yourself, it’s best to step along the bottom three inches of the roof tile because that portion is lapped by the tile beneath it. Stepping in this manner transfers the weight to the roof deck. With high barrel roof tiles, distribute the weight of the heel and toe between the high points of adjacent tiles. Also, avoid the hips and valleys to keep from breaking cut tiles.

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Is tile roof more expensive?

Compared to other materials like shingles, roof tiles are more expensive to install. Costs will vary depending on the type of material used and where you live. Most tile is either concrete or clay. Clay tile is generally more expensive than concrete, and averages anywhere between $12 and $25 per square foot. For a typical 2,000 square-foot home, installing a tile roof will cost on average anywhere between $25,000 and $45,000.

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Installing a tile roof can help you with energy efficiency. Another area that helps with energy efficiency is a properly functioning air conditioner. A new air conditioner installation may be needed if your current system is costing you money in energy consumption.

How much does it cost to repair tile roof?

Costs for repairs on a tile roof will depend on the type of damage being repaired. Repairs may run anywhere between about $450 to $8,000. The type of roof tiles that you have may also affect the cost of the repair, especially if you are having to replace large sections of the tile. Clay tile, for instance, usually costs more per square foot than concrete tile.

Tile roof to wall flashing

It’s common for areas on a home where the roof and walls intersect. These spaces are known as either headwalls or sidewalls and no matter what kind of roofing material you have, the tiles or shingles must be carefully placed with the wall flashing. The flashing on a headwall extends up behind the exterior wall covering and over the tile or other roofing material.

Sidewalls are junctions between walls and sloped portions of roofs. The vertical part of the flashing on a sidewall extends behind the exterior wall covering. The horizontal flashing for tile roofs should be continuous pan flashing. The sidewall flashing for tile roofs goes under the tile.

A Clay Tile Roof

Tile roof brands

There are many quality brands of roof tiles available on the market. With our roof installation services, we use tiles from leading manufacturers like Monier Lifetile, Santa Fe Clay Tile, Eco-friendly Green Tiles, among others. We offer installation at affordable prices. 

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