What are the pros and cons of a metal roof?

standing seam metal roof

Choosing a metal roof

If your home is needing a new roof and you’re not sure what color of asphalt shingles to get this time, give metal roofing some consideration. Yes, metal roofing on homes is popular these days, and no, it won’t look like a barn.

You’re probably wondering, why would anyone want metal roofing on their home, and that is what we are going to discuss today. There areseveral advantages to having a metal roof and gutters on home today, especially in this part of Texas.  From spring storms with hail and high winds to summer hurricanes and more, you’ll get a longer lifespan with metal roofing.

Speaking of spring storms and hurricanes, is it true, do metal roofs attract lightning? The short and straight answer to this is no.  Yes, metal roofing has materials that are conductive, specifically steel, but the truth is, your home will be safer from lightning strike with metal roofing.

Fundamentally, nothing can be done to minimize lightning strikes anywhere, on bare rolling hills of grass with trees or no trees, a city parking lot, or in a building with metal roofing. According to the Metal Construction Association (MCA), there are 4 that things that do influence lightning strikes.

  • Topography: A lightning strikes is more likely to happen at higher elevations because it is drawn to higher elevations, no matter the area or what type of structure is there or if it has metal roofing.
  • Structure height: – Again, lightning strikes are likely hit a higher elevation, and that includes a high structure versus smaller one-story structures. A multi-story home with asphalt roofing is more likely to get hit than a one story home with metal roofing.
  • Building size: Lightning strikes large surfaces before smaller surfaces, so the bigger your home with tile roofing is more prone to be struck by lightning than a smaller home with metal roofing.
  • Geography – some areas are more prone to be struck by lightning than others, it is simple geography.

Should I ground a metal roof?

Lightning strikes hit where there is the least resistance, it does not seek out metal where electricity is conducted. So, if lighting strike were to hit a home with metal roofing, the structure would be the ground, therefore, there is no need to ground a house with metal roofing. However, there are building codes ins some municipalities that require grounding, with or without metal roofing.

Does a metal roof affect WIFI?

Metal roofing can affect your WiFi connectivity; however, it doesn’t work alone in that area. Metal roofing will have co-culprits  in weakening your cell phone or WiFi connection, and like metal roofing and lightning, it is the geography and topography that are the bigger influencing factors.

Do you go to the local coffee shop and work via internet? That building probably has metal roofing, so do your office building or a hospital, schools, etc.

A home with metal roofing will have less affect than you think, so if you’re considering metal roofing for your home, don’t worry about the connectivity to technology. Instead, check for other factors that are going to be in the way of getting a clear signal.

Does a metal roof need gutters?

A gutter system is not necessary for metal roofing because, unlike asphalt shingle roofing, metal roofing won’t crack, allowing moisture to penetrate the shingles an seep into roof decking and underlayment. Metal roofing is water resistant.

What isn’t water resistant for a home with metal roofing is your foundation and landscaping. Like a home with asphalt roofing, without gutters correctly installed, the rain, ice, and snow can wash away your flower beds and destroy the landscaping around your home.  Another factor to consider with your metal roofing, the rain and melted ice and snow will run down the exterior walls and can get behind the siding. With gutters installed, this worry can be eliminated.

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Does a metal roof lower your insurance?

When it comes to things that can lower your homeowner’s insurance, metal roofing is top of the list along with a brick or stone exterior. Metal roofing is more durable, making it damage resistant compared to asphalt shingles. This all adds up to give your insurance company less risk with your home, and less risks translates to lower insurance rates.

In addition to concerns of connectivity to WiFi and cell phones with a metal roofing, noise is a concerning factor. A metal roof with insulation will provide your home some sound muffling as well as stop heat transferring. Metal roofing that has been installed with proper insulation and vapor barriers will reduce moisture accumulation too, a key issue with any type of roofing.

Sometimes, a roofing contractor may recommend installing a metal roof without plywood. Is that a smart thing to do tough? For a residential structure, if you are choosing to omit plywood, you’ll definitely want to  have a vapor barrier installed between the purlins and the metal roofing or have closed-cell spray foam insulation installed between the rafters. These will reduce the temperature disparity between the air in the building and the metal roofing.

Another concern many homeowner have with a metal roof is leaking possibilities. When metal roofing is installed by an experienced roofing contractor, there shouldn’t be any concerns. Most metal roofing leaks are because of faulty workmanship with the screws and proper overlapping with flashing. Overall, metal roofing can provide your home a long-lasting, durable beauty for many years. Need metal roofing installation in Wharton and Spring, TX? Call __PHONE__ today.