Unwanted Houseguests- Signs You Have an Animal in Your Roof

Chances are, you’ve heard at least one horror story about the damage caused by an animal getting into a home’s roofing system. Unfortunately, the stories are true. Animals can cause material damage, missing material, holes, and leaks to your roofing system. However, there are signs to look for to catch animal nesting early and prevent costly animal damage.

Animal Damage Can be Costly and Time-Consuming if Not Caught Early.

Scratching and Rustling Sounds

As elementary as it may seem, animals make noise. Therefore listening for scratching, rustling or clicking noises on your roof, especially at night, can be the first sign that you have a visitor.


Another great sign that you may have a houseguest is an extensive amount of animal droppings on your roof. This indicates that an animal has been spending an unusual amount of time on, or in, your roof and removal measures should be explored.

Smells and Odors

Along with wild animals, comes wild animal smells. This smells can carry all through your home, especially if the animal has already found its way into your attic. Any odd or strange smells should be investigated and any holes found should be repaired.

Holes and Damages

Perhaps the most noticeable sign that your roof has acquired a furry friend is the absence or damage of your roofing materials. Once the animal has chewed through your roofing materials, however, they must be repaired and replaced. Noticing animal activity before this point can save you hundreds in damage repair.

If you think you may have an animal friend lodging in your roof, call our experts right away to deliver proper extraction and repair services. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help to rid your home of any unwanted creatures safely and humanely while delivering helpful details on animal damage repair options that won’t break your bank. Call us today at __PHONE__ to learn more.