Did your roof take damage from the last storm that rolled through? When this happens, you need a roofer you can trust to repair your storm damage roof and work with you. Weather Guard Roofing has been providing Wharton and Spring, TX and the surrounding area with roofing services for over 20 years. Our team of skilled roofers are specialists in helping you with your insurance claim. We assist step by step through your insurance process, completing inspections, reports, and finally your roof repair or replacement. Whether it was a hail storm or a hurricane, we are always a call away and available to get started on your storm damage roof repair. Have questions about roof repair or your insurance claim? Give Weather Guard Roofing a call today at 281-565-3393 to speak with a professional, licensed roofer about your storm damaged roof.

Tips For Your Storm Damage Roof Insurance Claims

Photo of storm damage roofWhen it comes to insurance, you always think it will be there for you in your time of need. However, in some instances, you may not be covered. In order to prevent such surprises, familiarize yourself with the policy. Make sure it does indeed cover everything you expect it to. You can also speak with your insurance agent for a clearer explanation. When it comes to storm damage, this is key.

After you have reviewed your policy, have your local roofer inspect your roof to create a damage report. You may want to do this before contacting your insurance company to file the claim. Weather Guard Roofing provides a thorough assessment of the roof, detailing areas of damage, weakened structure, and even surrounding property damage to give you all the information you will need when you speak with the insurance company. Always take photos for before and after any maintenance or repairs. This will give you documentation for the insurance company.

Finally choose a skilled, licensed roofer to complete your repairs. Our roofers can be with you from initial inspection to final repair, getting your roof to its best before the next storm forms. Ready to get started on your storm damage roof claim? Call us at 281-565-3393 for your storm damage roof repair in Wharton and Spring, TX today!

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