5 Ways SEO for Roofers Helped Weather Guard Roofing

We’ve been serving Houston, TX-area residents, and commercial property owners for over 20 years at Weather Guard Roofing. Over that span, we’re proud to have repaired, replaced, and installed countless roofing systems. In 2017 we decided to reach more customers online. Our company researched different forms of SEO for roofers and invested in digital marketing services. As a result, we’ve expanded our company and created a consistent stream of roofing leads through our website and other online channels. Take a look at how we did it:

1) We Ranked For More Keywords

Most roofing websites rank for their brand name, and some may even rank for basic keyword terms like roofing company near me. What we’ve learned over the last several years is that long-tail keywords help triple and even quadruple your traffic. With the help of Roofing Webmasters‘ SEO services, we began ranking for every type of roofing service, from metal roofing to shingle roofing to tile roofing and beyond. We also ranked for cities outside of our primary address so that we could reach more potential customers.

2) We Converted More Visitors

More visitors naturally leads to more conversions. However, with our SEO strategy, we increased the conversion rate in addition to total conversions. Not only were more leads coming through our website, but the ratio of visitors to leads was growing simultaneously. Targeting relevant traffic with unique and specific content helped accomplish our goals. Users looking for storm damage roof repairs found our storm damage page, while commercial building owners found our TPO roofing and roof coating pages. Our pages matched their intent, which helped them convert.

3) We Generated Exclusive Leads

Other lead acquisition methods may produce customers, but very few leads are exclusive without SEO. Buying leads from a 3rd party broker forces your company to compete with other local roofers for the same customer. As you might imagine, competition reduces conversion rates and also discourages repeat customers. When consumers seek roofing services from 3rd parties, they return to them next time they need assistance. Exclusive leads from SEO ensure that you don’t compete against other locals and that the person will return to your company next time they help.

4) We Earned More Social Shares and Endorsements

The primary goal of roofer SEO is to generate customers. However, there are additional benefits to ranking on Google page one. For example, social media channels from roofing industry platforms shared our content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Others embedded links to our blog posts from their website. As we ranked on higher search, more people trusted us and more endorsed through content sharing. Our brand name grew, our content marketing expanded, and our rankings got an extra boost from all the activity. It’s good to do SEO.

5) We Expanded Our Service Area

We mentioned that ranking for additional cities helped us generate more leads. But our newfound success also helped us expand regionally. We now serve Spring, Wharton, Bay City, and El Campo — each with unique addresses and phone numbers. Software included in our SEO package allowed us to show up throughout the Houston, TX area for various roofing keywords. We show up on organic search results along with the Local Map 3-Pack. We can’t stress enough how much SEO helped our cause.