Is Your Roof Ready for Winter?

The winter months can be very hard on your roofing system. Proper winterization and preparation can help save you time and money on expensive repairs and damages that could have been prevented. Before those cold months hit, ensure you have completed your regular winter roof maintenance.

Winter Maintenance

General Roof Inspection

Check your roof for signs of damage that could include problems like curled, warped or missing shingles, or loose shingles that need to be reattached. Make any necessary repairs by applying roof cement or calling a professional.

Check Flashing and Caulk

The two issues can be major causes for slow, damaging leaks, so make sure that there is no separation between your flashing and structures, and ensure that your caulk is smooth and sealed. If not, replace caulking or call a service professional for flashing repairs.

Clean Gutters and Inspect Downspouts

Proper flow in your gutter system protects your home from rain and the melting water from snow and ice. To ensure your gutters work properly, replace any pieces that are damaged or that have holes or punctures.

Tree Trimming

The branches that hang over your home can be hidden dangers when covered in snow or ice. The branches can break, causing holes and other serious damages to your roof, or they can bend, letting an extreme amount of weight fall onto your roof. Cut branches and limbs back so that they don’t hang over your home.

In-Home Inspection

Make sure to check your ceiling for any signs of water damage before months get cold and snow gets heavy. This can prevent serious leaks from arising in mid-Winter. Check the insulation in your attic as well to ensure that it’s properly covering the space and there are no insects, pests, or holes to keep your home well insulated and warm during the cold season.

Completing simple, quick roof maintenance tasks can help guarantee its safety, strength, and longevity, keeping your home protected for years to come. When you need roof inspection or repair, call the experts of Weather Guard Roofing to help you keep your roof protected through the cold months of Winter.