Roof Inspections: How Often Should You Get One



When it comes to your roof, you always want to make sure it is looking it’s very best. If it has a problem or hasn’t been looked at in a while, it may be time now to get that taken care of. A roof inspection is something that everyone should have once a year so that your roof can maintain its shape for as long as it originally was supposed to. Roofs usually have a timeline that they live by. Shingle roofing usually lasts around 20 years, slate roofing, for 70-100 years, metal, over 50 years, but none of those will last that long if they are not properly taken care of. In order to do that, they must be inspected.


Why Have Your Roof Inspected

Repairs – Sometimes roofing materials start to fall apart or even fall off altogether. Many times you can see damage from the ground, but there are certain types of damage and certain spots that you may not be able to see. If these spots are not taken care of, then they will get worse; causing things like water damage, and roof replacements.

Warranties – Many times when you get a new roof, it comes with a warranty. The stipulation of that warranty though, is that you will need to have the roof inspected once a year to make sure it is being maintained properly.

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