Metal Roofing

photo of metal roofingIf you are looking for a durable and energy efficient roofing material, but don’t want to sacrifice style, consider metal roofing. With standing seam, shakes, tiles, and shingles, this material comes in a variety of styles, colors and looks to match or compliment your home’s existing look. Metal roof fasteners hook underneath tiles to keep your roof looking beautiful and also to provide water tightness, giving you great protection against water damage. You also receive storm and wind damage protection, including fire resistance.

Metal roofing is an energy efficient roofing system, reflecting the sun and heat to keep your home cool in the summer. This means your roof will help keep your heating and cooling bills down, saving you money. These roofing systems have EnergyStar ratings for your assessment. Want more information on metal roofing for your home? Give Weather Guard Roofing a call today at 281-565-3393 to get started with our expert roofing contractors! We install for you with the best metal roofs and materials from EDCO ArrowLine Metal, Metro Stone Coated Metal and more. 

When Repair Is Needed For Metal Roofing

While metal roofing provides many great benefits for a home, there are times when repair or replacement may become necessary. It is important that when you first have your new roof installed that the installation is completed by a skilled and licensed roofer. If installed incorrectly, you may have loose fasteners, which can lead to leaks and water damage.

If you think you need repair for your metal roof, look for key signs that your roofing materials are wearing. These can appear as rust, denting, or wind-torn tiles and sheeting. Metal roofs comes from the factory treated and coated to withstand rust and storm damage. With an anticipated lifespan of over fifty years, early wear should be addressed as soon as possible in order to keep your roof at its best.

Weather Guard Roofing provides homeowners with quality metal roofing in Wharton and Spring, TX, and the surrounding area. Need metal roofing repair or installation? Call us today at 281-565-3393 to speak with us about your metal roofing!