Is Roof Coating Any Good?

Tradesman spray painting the roof of an industrial building

Learn More About a Roof Coating

In order for your roof to last longer and get better protection from the sun and elements, many choose to apply a roof coating for added protection. There are many different types of roof coatings available on the market today and you will even be able to have reapplications done after the previous ones have worn out so that you can continue to elongate your roof’s life. If you have any questions regarding what type of roof coating will best work for your property get in contact with your local roofing company for more relevant information. Until then, here is some general information regarding a roof coating that may be useful to you. 

What does roof coating do?

A roof coating will be able to protect your roof from the damages associated with inclement weather and daily temperature changes. You’ll be able to provide a cool roof with the ability a roof coating has in protecting against UV light which will allow for stable building temperatures thereby reducing fluctuating heat conditions. As a result, your HVAC system will run more smoothly and therefore have lower energy costs. A roof coating will protect against excessive water and wind and is formulated to last for many years. They are extremely elastic with high levels of top-quality resin which can work well with changing daily temperatures.

Do roof coatings work?

 A roof coating is professionally designed to provide reliable waterproofing and protect against minor wear and tear. There are many different types of roof coatings out that that are meant to match with the roofing membrane underneath. They will be able to prolong the life of a roof as they are essentially providing an extra layer of film that will add in protective benefits that the roof without a coating would not have had.

What is the best roof coating?

 As there are a variety of roof coatings that will be better recommended based on the roofing material that you have the best roof coating for your property may differ from another. Generally, acrylic roof coatings are more chosen due to its low cost and durability. 

How long do roof coatings last? 

A roof coating is expected to have a life of 10 years or more yet the performance of the roof will vary depending on the type of conditions the roof is exposed to, the thickness of the roof coating film, roof drainage, and more. That being said, once a roof coating has reached the end of its use you may be able to apply another coating continuously until the roof itself reaches the time of needing a replacement.

How do I prepare my roof for coating?

In order to prepare for a roof coating first clear your roof of any dirt and debris with either a broom or blower. Next, power wash your roof to get rid of tough dirt, stains, chalky material, and grime. Finally, fix cracks, peeling, and blisters and reinforce them with black tack roofing cement and universal patching fabric. After these steps, you may be able to apply the roof coating.

Tradesman spray painting the roof of an industrial building

How do you apply roof coating? 

  • Thoroughly clean the roof surface. 
  • Repair and seal roof penetrations, tears, open seams, etc. 
  • Apply a roof coating when the roof is dry and the sealant has set.

Is roof coating waterproof?

A roof coating is able to waterproof a roof yet won’t withstand any ongoing use of people or vehicles going over the substrate.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

A roof coating will be able to stop leaks over your existing roof if the punctures or cracks are not too deep or thick. A roof coating is only meant to cover minor roof leaks and if damages are expansive have your roof repaired prior to a roof coating. As such, a roof coating will be able to seal multiple leaks and minor wear on the entirety of your rooftop with one application.

Should I seal my roof?

Although a roof coating is optional on sloped roofs if you have a flat roof this step is necessary to prevent puddles of water pooling on the surface. A seal coating can prevent standing water, leaks, and block UV light damages which can improve the energy efficiency of the structure.

How much does a 5 gallon bucket roof coat cover?

You can expect a roof coating to cover 100 square feet per gallon on a roof. A 5-gallon amount of roof coating will typically cover 250 square feet of a roof with two coats. 

Get in Touch With Your Local Roofing Company Regarding a Roof Coating

If your roof needs added protection in order to live a longer life consider a roof coating application. A roof coating will be able to provide a number of benefits of protection with your roof in order to live longer with better hold against wear and damages. If you’re wanting to know which type of roof coating will work best for your roof get in communications with your qualified local roofer for more information. A roof coating is a great addition to any property and will be sure to provide added longevity to your roof. Apply a roof coating today!

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