Is a tile roof better than shingles?

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Choosing a material for your roof

When you see a grand, older home with a tile roof, it just speaks ‘majestic’ doesn’t it? There was a time any home of grandeur, a tile roof was commonplace, but today, not so many. There are homes just a grand and large, but with asphalt shingles instead. Somehow, that just isn’t ‘grandeur’, just large and nice, but not majestic, they are missing the tile roof details that we see on older homes.

Why is that? Are tile roofs more expensive to insure? Well, like anything that insurance is going to cover, it is the cost that often forfeits having any grandeur, majestic appeal to a home today.  Insurers factor in the cost to replace a house in case of damage or destruction, and a tile roof is expensive. 

Concrete shingles, metal, slate, or tile roofing provide the best protection. They also cost more to replace. So, what does an insurance company factor into tile roofing? Here are four of common roofing materials and what your insurance company is considering: 

  1. Metal Roofing: Durability and fire resistant, something every homeowner’s insurance company loves.
  2. Slate or Tile Roofing: Fire, insect, and rot resistant, which insurance companies love. Minimal maintenance which homeowner’s love. However, it is expensive, a hinderance for most homeowners, but tile roof lifespan gives you an ROI because there is little chance you’ll ever need to replace it again.
  3. Asphalt Roofing: The common roofing material due to affordability. Lifespan is relatively long, but quicker to decay compared to metal roofing or slate roofing. 
  4. Wood Roofing: Shake or shingles, these are the least favorite of any insurance company because they are not fire resistant. Most  insurance companies that do offer coverage will require a fire retardant be applied before they will provide coverage, and the rates are going to be higher than houses with other roofing materials.

Do tile roofs need maintenance?

With home ownership comes a great sense of accomplishment and price. It also comes with a lot of responsibilities like insurance, mortgage payments, maintenance, and upkeep – those things we refer to as home maintenance. Because this is the most important thing you’ll have invested in, home maintenance should be considered a blessing not a burden. 

The burden can be eased when you make it a routine schedule to do those preventive maintenance things, like wrapping water faucets, changing air filter, and cleaning and inspecting the tile roof.  A roof takes a lot of abuse with the climate and environment, but with preventive maintenance, you can keep it healthy and get a longer lifespan.  Here, we recommend four things you should do with your tile roof: 

Annual Inspection 

Each fall and spring schedule an inspection with a professional roofing contractor. A professional inspection will know the specifics to look for in a tile roof like bruising, chips, cracks, and any type of distortions  that have been caused by heat, ice, rain, snow, and wind. They will be able to make any immediate repairs or recommend what you should have done if anything. 

Roof Algae

A tile roof has the tendency to attract algae and once it is there, it grows and spread. This can be removed with a low-pressure power washer and a mild dish detergent. We recommend having a tile roof professional cleaned because there are way to clean a tile roof that won’t break or crack the tiles. 

Limit the Threat of Routine Debris

Clay tile roof is vulnerable to a natural accumulation of airborne debris, grime, leaves, and tree branches. A monthly walk around your home will find where these things are landing on your roof and you can have trees cut back to minimize most of this accumulation. If you notice any broken or cracked tile, a professional roofing contractor can evaluate the situation and provide an estimate what needs to be done. 

Calamity Prevention

With your monthly check of the roof, you can find small issues and have them addressed before they become a calamity and major problem. Keep the gutters cleaned no less than twice a year and make any repairs needed as soon as they are noticed. 

Does tile roof increase home value?

There are five categories of material for a tile roof:

  • Clay
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Synthetic

If you plan to stay in your home for a longtime, a tile roof will give you more ROI than it will if you’re placing it on the market.  A tile roof can add value, but the cost of this upgrade investment isn’t small and won’t be recouped in a sell. 

Are tile roofs energy efficient?

A tile roofs will help with the  interior temperature of your home in these three ways:

  • Thermal Emittance – this is done by the tile roof emitting heat, not absorbing it, a bonus for house that is in direct sun most of the day. 
  • Solar Reflectance – works much like thermal emittance by sending the UV rays back out instead pulling them into the house. The color a tile roof will help or hinder this with light colors being more reflective and darker colors being more absorbent. 
  • Installing by Individual Tile –  A tile roof is installed tile by tile, which is part of why they are more expensive. This individual installation gives the roof a  naturally airspace that allows a thermal barrier between the roof deck and tiles, therefore, less heat makes it way inside your home. 

Do tile roofs leak?

If your tile roof is leaking, it is more likely to be because of poor workmanship with the installation. Other reasons a tile roof may leak is a poor grade of tile, missing flashing, or lack of maintenance.  

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Tile Roof Benefits 

A tile roof is beautiful as well as durable. They are expensive, heavy, and detailed in installing. The following benefits can far outweigh those issues though: 

  • Long-lasting: A tile roof can have a life expectancy of 100 years
  • Insect and rot resistant
  • Environmentally friendly, made from natural materials with no chemicals and can be recycled when replaced
  • Energy efficiency with thermal mass that regulates indoor temperatures. 
  • Minimal maintenance

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