How Do You Repair Damaged Shingles?

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How do you repair an asphalt shingle roof?

Asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most common roofing materials in Texas. We also have a lot of hot sun and UV rays, high winds, and hailstorms. So, as a homeowner, if you can do your own shingle roofing repairs, you can save yourself some money. 

Wait a minute! Did we say do your own shingle roofing repairs? Can shingle roof be repaired, they don’t have to be replaced?  Yes, shingle roofing repair is possible with a few basic supplies and tools and the ability to climb a ladder. Shingle roofing repair isn’t all that complicated, keep reading as we answer some common questions about specifics on how to repair a shingled roof. 

As soon as you notice any damage to your asphalt shingle roof, you need to take steps then to repair or replace the shingles that are in trouble. The longer you put this off, the more vulnerable your roof becomes to  water seeping up under the shingles. Once the water is there, it will get to the wood sheathing and then you’ll have wood rot start, which is going to give you a whole bunch of other issues, expensive issues. 

By knowing how to do shingle roofing repairs, you’ll save your roof and your money. To do a shingle roof repair, you want to do this on a day the weather is dry and warm. This will have asphalt shingles in a flexible condition making them easier to work with and less chance they’ll break or crack. 

An asphalt roof that is 20 years old or older and has damaged shingles, the entire roof should be replaced. For that type of job, you want to hire a professional roofing contractor. However, a solid, sound roof will be a good starting point to learn how to do shingle roofing repairs. 

  • To replace a missing asphalt shingle, check your attic, basement, or garage to see if there are any leftover shingles. If not, you’ll need to buy a package from the local home improvement store. They typically cost between ($15 and $20 per square for three-tab shingles. Choose the closest match possible. 
  • With a prybar, remove the first row of nails carefully just above where the missing shingle would be. 
  • When the nails are up about a quarter of inch, push the shingle back in place then use the hammer claw to pull the nails out. Most asphalt shingles have three nails. If any nails are left from the missing shingle, pull them out as well. 
  • Now, remove the backing from the new shingle adhesive strip on the back and place it up under the shingle above, lining up with the shingles on either side so that it blends in. 
  • Hammer three galvanized roofing nails in the top of the shingle and cover the nails with roofing cement. 

How do you repair damaged shingles?

If you have cracked shingles, this is an easy shingle roofing repair, no need to worry about getting a new roof for just one or two cracked shingles. Just follow these steps: 

  • Under the crack, apply a thick bead of roofing cement or sealant and press down. 
  • Apply a second thick bead on top of the crack and with a putty knife, spread the cement or sealant. 

Two steps and you’re done! Even better, nobody will know you have a shingle roof repairs done! If you find loose asphalt granules in the gutter, scoop them up and put over that 2nd application of roof sealant to help it blend in. 

Asphalt shingles tend to curl up as they get older, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your roof right now. If you have curled shingle, this shingle roofing repair is just as easy with these steps: 

  • With roofing cement or sealant in a caulking gun, dab some of the cement or sealant under the curled corner and then place a brick on top to weigh it down. 
  • Leave the brick there overnight, minimum of 24 hours, and the cement or sealant should be dried by then.
  • Remove the brick and your curled shingle is now flat! 

How do you repair a leaky shingle roof?

When you have a leaking roof, first things first is finding the leak. If there are water stains on the ceiling or wall, go outside with binoculars and see if there are broken, cracked, curled or missing shingles in that area.  Check the end caps too.

Then follow the steps we listed earlier for the different shingle roofing repairs like fixing cracked or curled shingles. If any are missing, use the steps we provide to remove the old nails and install a new shingle. If the flashing is bent, curled, or loose, you can repair it with roofing cement in a caulk gun in the same manner. 

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How do I stop my roof from leaking water?

A large plastic tarp is the best way to keep the rain from coming in through a damaged roof. However, when it is raining, it is not the safest thing you can do! So, you’ll need to take steps to stop it from inside the attic. 

First you’ll need to dry any pools of water, a shop vac or lots of towels will work. Then if you have any plywood, cut a piece that is larger than the hole and place over the hole. Nail in place then go around the edges with caulk. 

What is the best roof sealant?

There are several brands on the market, so look for as asphalt shingle roof coating that will penetrate and form a protective coating. With proper application, this will extend your roof’s lifespan and save you from having to get a new roof before you’re ready. Call __PHONE__ today for your shingle damage repair in Wharton and Spring, TX.