How do you handle a roof insurance claim?

roof damage to shingles

Homeowners Insurance and Roof Damage

Homeownership brings on many responsibilities, including making sure the homeowner insurance has roof insurance coverage included. Too often as we are in the process of closing on a home, we cut some corners to save money, like the insurance coverage. The time to find out if you have sufficient coverage is before you need it, not when your filing a roof insurance claim

Knowing how roof insurance works and the entire roof insurance claim process is another part of homeowner insurance too. What you think isn’t covered, may be covered, so with an annual review of your homeowner’s insurance you’ll be better prepared if and when the time comes. You don’t want surprises like a roof insurance claim denied while you’re trying to recover from a major leak because of the roof’s age.

Like, find out now Will insurance cover a 20 year old roof? Typically, by the time your roof has reached its 20 year anniversary, no, insurance companies will do one of two things: 1). They will decline the claim, 2). They will pay a cash value, meaning they prorate the amount they pay and not pay current replacement cost. 

How do insurance adjusters determine roof damage?

As a homeowner, you are aware that taking care of the house is important beyond vacuuming and mowing. One of the biggest things you can do is getting good homeowners’ insurance. What you need to realize is that  homeowner’s insurance has to be care about insurance fraud, and the fraud is a big time thing with roof insurance claims.

 The purpose of homeowner’s insurance was to pay for repairs from damages that are listed in as stipulations in your policy. It is on the homeowner to take care of their roof, not the insurance company’s place to pay for replacing it when it has been damaged. 

A home roof insurance claim is usually covered for damage or destruction by fire, hail, hurricane, vandalism, wind, and tornadoes. However, there are many roof insurance claims declined, and this can vary between insurance companies and policies. 

No two policies are the same and no two insurance companies handle roof insurance claims the same. Your policy will have a section called “exclusions” and you need to read this and commit to memory so you have more of an idea when a claim may be paid or declined. What are exclusions? These are things that your insurance company is telling you they will not pay claims for. Some common exclusions are:

Poor Maintenance:

A roof needs your attention every so often for things cleaning the roof, cleaning the gutters, keeping repairs up like loose shingles, keeping trees cut back, etc.  If you don’t tend to the basic maintenance for 20 years then have a roof leak, the insurance company is going to deny your roof insurance claim. 

You need to have your roof inspected once a year for maintenance purpose and each time there is possible hail or wind damage. If you see several neighbors getting a new roof, get your roof inspected. You want to verify if your homeowner’s insurance policy states an age restriction and if the current layer of shingles was installed over an existing layer. These are things that insurance adjusters look for and recommend roof insurance claim be denied. 

Another factor to consider is the roofing material. Make sure your insurance policy doesn’t list any restrictions on what type of material they will cover. Examples of what many companies will deny a roof insurance claim is recycled material, slate, or solar. 

Repair or Replace: 

Every storm that  comes through doesn’t mean your insurance company is going to pay for a roof insurance claim to replace the roof. The adjust may determine that repairs are sufficient and that is all the insurance company will pay. If that is the case, determine if the cost of the repair vs your deductible is worth filing a claim or is it better to pay for the repairs out of pocket.  Remember, too many claims filed, you could find yourself look for another insurance company. 

Support Your Claim:

When you feel you have roof damage that needs a roof insurance claim filed, have a roofing contractor do an inspection, many offer this service for free, and give you a report of what they find. Then when the insurance adjuster does their inspection, you’ll have something to show them. Take picture of the damage to show the adjuster too. 

Do I have to pay my deductible for a new roof?

 If you are getting roof repairs or a new roof insurance claim, then yes, you’ll need to pay your deductible. The deductible is  a set amount that is paid by the homeowners to go towards the cost of the roof and the insurance claim will pay for the remaining part, up to a certain amount.  

If you are having roof repairs done or getting a new roof, it is a significant cost, especially when it is an emergency. If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t have the $2,000 or so laying around to pay out of pocket. Some roofing contractors offer to pay the deductible if allowed in your state. 

water damage from roof leak

How do I stop my roof leaking in heavy rain?

When you notice water is dripping from the ceiling, it has already saturated the drywall, and if it is still raining, waiting on a roofing contractor is not an option. So, you need to stop the dripping with an emergency repair: 

  • In the attic, remove any insulation that is wet and dry up any standing water.
  • Lay a piece of plywood over the ceiling joists and place a bucket on that under the drip. 
  • Follow the leak where it is coming in, then using another piece of plywood, or a shingle, attached it to the attic ceiling with screws.
  • Spread roofing tar along the edges of the wood or shingle with a trowel or putty knife. 
  • Next, on the roof, find the area that is leaking from that side, spread roofing tar over the area and all the shingles around it. 
  • Take a plastic tarp and lay it over that area then nail 2×4 boards around the edges of the tarp. 

This is only meant to use for temporary repair. Call a roofing contactor immediately. They will remove this temporary fix to inspect the damage and provide you a quote. Make sure they replace the temporary fix to hold until you have contacted your insurance company and decide on filing a roof insurance claim. Call __PHONE__ today for roof insurance claim help in Wharton and Spring, TX.