What Happens if I Put Off My Roof Inspection?

Heavy Rain on a Metal Roof

Make Sure to Schedule Your Inspection Before the Next Heavy Rain Storm.

In our last blog, we talked about how often you should schedule a roof inspection for your home. As fellow homeowners, we understand that picking up the phone, scheduling an appointment, and taking time to meet with a professional can be drag. But do you know what’s more of a hassle? Unexpected expenses. Here’s how regular roof inspections can help you avoid sudden repair emergencies. 

Potential Problems Addressed With Regular Inspections

Scheduling an inspection after a bad storm is common sense, but why should you schedule checkups on a regular basis? The answer is simple: preventative maintenance. Consistent roof inspections can inform you of many potential problems in your roofing, such as:

  • Damaged or dislocated shingles
  • Subtle roof leaks
  • Corroded soffit or fascia
  • Loose gutters
  • Worn flashing
  • Pest problems

If you can spot degraded flashing before it starts dumping water into your home, that’s worth hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in damage prevention. Loose gutters can splash water against your home and cause the soil by your foundation to expand. There are so many problems that can be easily prevented with consistent checkups and regular maintenance.

How Do You Maintain a Roof?

So once your local professional examines your roof, what comes next? For homes with traditional asphalt or composite shingles, you may find that some shingles have become dislodged. Animals, especially squirrels and raccoons, have been known to dislodge shingles (and even tile) to nest inside the attic space. The consistent force of wind pushing against your roof can provide the same effect. This leaves room for rain to trickle down and create wood rot or mold. Thankfully, it’s a simple matter of replacing the missing shingles or tiles.

If your home was damaged by a particularly nasty hail storm, you may have some sealing work to do. Even minor leaks can escalate into substantial rot in your roof supports, ruined insulation, and ceiling stains. Your storm damage roof repair will help you prevent these leaks from getting any worse. It will also give you an opportunity to optimize your gutter system for better draining.

Schedule Your Professional Roof Inspection Today!

Homeowners are grateful for sewer camera inspections, because it allows them to deal with simple problems before they spiral into messy disasters. So why do so many homeowners wait for a crisis before they schedule their roof inspection? Protect your home with consistent checkups for your roofing system!

If it’s been a few years, or if your home has recently suffered from hail damage, a prompt inspection could save you big-time. We’d be happy to examine your home! You can contact our Weather Guard Roofing team at __PHONE__ and schedule a checkup at your convenience.