The Difference Between Hail Storm Damages & Wind Storm Damages

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Is Your Roof Safe From Storm Damages?

Storms are  part of every year, but they can be fairly brutal to our roof systems. However, not all storms damage our roofs the same way. Today we will go over two common storm types, including storms with high winds, and storms with hail.

Hail Storms

Hail storms are generally the storms that give homeowners the bigger worries. Hail can vary in size, and cause several different damages to roofing shingles. The most obvious damages are the the dents in the top of the shingles that happen after impact. However, the lower side of the shingle is usually where the most damage happens, when the hail hits it. Other types of hail damage involve asphalt loss on the shingles, which leaves the shingles vulnerable to additional damages.

The best thing you can do if your roof has been affected by hail is to call for an inspection right away. Impact resistant shingles are also available to protect against hail.

High Wind Storms

High winds usually aren’t as feared, but in reality, wind can actually cause more damage to your roof than you might think. The wind is particularly destructive to roofs that aren’t properly maintained. For example, if a roof has one missing shingle when a storm with high winds hits, that weak spot could allow the wind to tear off large sections of the roof relatively quickly. Wind is particularly damaging to the edges of your roof.

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