Restaurant Roofing Services

Does your restaurant need a new roof? Do you have stained ceiling tiles and suspect a leak? Let Weather Guard Roofing help! Call us at 281-565-3393 for restaurant roofing in Wharton and Spring, TX.

Types of Roofs We Repair and Install

While most commercial properties use flat roofs, some use tiles, shingles, or even metal. Fortunately for you, Weather Guard Roofing specialize in all these types of roofs. From brightly colored shingles to TPO membrane roofs, we can handle just about any restaurant roofing project. We can also install roof coatings on flat roofs to provide extra durability and energy efficiency. In the hot summers, a roof coating can help significantly reduce the temperature of your roof, keeping your building cooler.

Which roofing material you need will depend on which type of roof you have. Do you have a pitched or flat roof? Do you have large equipment on your roof, or does it get exposed to chemicals, grease, or other substances? Our roofing contractors are happy to help you find the right roof for you! With more than 20 years in the business, we can help design a reliable, quality roof that will last for years.

In addition to new roof installation, we also provide repair and maintenance for your restaurant’s roof. Regular maintenance is important if you want to catch problems early, before they develop into serious problems. Flat roofs are especially susceptible to water damage, and usually only last 10-20 years. If you roof is getting old, call us at 281-565-3393 for a complete inspection.

Keep Your Customers Happy!

No one wants to be eating dinner with a leaky roof overhead. If you need restaurant roof repair in the Greater Houston area, let Weather Guard Roofing fix you up. We will make sure your entire roofing system is in good shape so your customers don’t see a stained or leaking ceiling above their heads. Call us today at 281-565-3393 for restaurant roofing in Wharton and Spring, TX.