Historic Preservation Services

Do you have a historic building that needs roof restoration? Are you trying to achieve a certain style from long ago that requires unique skill? Call Weather Guard Roofing for historic preservation in Wharton and Spring, TX at 281-565-3393. We can restore your roof to its former beauty!

Roofing with Care and Skill

historic preservationAre you trying to have your home or building designated as a historic landmark? Do you need a roofer who carries a wide range of roofing materials? Weather Guard Roofing is the perfect company for your historic preservation job. There are some beautiful buildings here in south Texas, and we have worked on some of these gems. Our contractors are highly skilled in all areas of roof repair and installation, and we can handle just about any roofing material. Whether you want tiles, shingles, or a flat roof for your historic preservation in Wharton and Spring, TX, our roofers have you covered.

Before starting on a historic restoration project, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the building. Depending on the state it’s in, we may need to install a new roof and replace the old one. If the roof is in decent shape but needs some repairs, we will do our best to match the old materials with ours. Since we work with an extensive list of roofing material manufacturers, there are many options to choose from.

Preserving the Past

To ensure that your historic home or building lasts for many generations to come, regular roof maintenance is essential. In a climate where moisture and wet weather is frequent, your roof can age faster. Water is your roof’s greatest enemy, leading to wood rot, mold, and other hazardous problems. If you need a roof inspection or roof maintenance, contact our expert roofers for assistance. We will make sure your historic roof is in good shape and prepared for the next round of foul weather. In addition to rain, other damage can come from high winds, hail, pests, and storm damage. If you notice a problem with your roof, contact Weather Guard Roofing right away to prevent further damage!

Call Weather Guard Roofing at 281-565-3393 for historic preservation roofing services in Wharton and Spring, TX.