How Often Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

How Often Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

Find Out When You Need a Home Roof Inspection and What To Expect.

We go to the doctor for wellness checks, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our roofs? Getting a roof inspection is important as it can find problems before they become too big. Not only can a roof inspection find issues with your roof, it can also determine if the other areas of your home are weakened, like your foundation. If your home’s foundation looks worse for wear, you should call for a professional foundation inspection. As professional roofers, we recommend that you get a roof inspection every year and also when your area has been affected by a major storm. Find out exactly what a home roof inspection entails by reading our list below.

What Does a Roof Inspection Entail?

When a licensed roofer comes to your home to inspect your roof, there will be many areas that they check.

  • Visual Inspection: Before we begin the actual roof inspection, a roofer might see if there are any visible signs of damage.
  • Interior Inspection: An interior inspection involves going up into the attic and checking for signs of damage. They will check to see if they see any light coming through the attic, as well as checking to see if there is mold or mildew. Also, they will examine the ventilation and insulation.
  • Roofing Components: There are many areas of your roof that will need to be checked such as vents, decking, flashing, shingles, chimneys, and sealing.
  • Exterior Inspection: A professional roofer will also check your gutters, fascia, soffit, windows, and siding, as this can also determine if there are damages to your roof.

If you are looking for a home roof inspection in Wharton, TX, talk to the roofers at Weather Guard Roofing by calling 281-565-3393.

The Benefits of Commercial Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Can Add Another Decade to the Life of Your Commercial Roof.

Regardless of the durability of a roofing material, every roof will eventually need replacement. This is doubly true for commercial roofs, as weather and environmental conditions can combine to batter a roof and lessen its life expectancy. Since roof replacement represents an expensive and time-consuming process, many commercial building owners will also look at roof restoration. This valuable, cost-efficient procedure has a number of benefits that make it a wise decision.

Save Money

Many business owners pursue roof restoration thanks to its affordability when compared to replacement. Restoration work generally relies upon the application of a roof coating. These products will repair minor damage and seal leaks to extend the service of an otherwise compromised commercial roof. Roof replacement generally represents a major investment. The need for a large crew creates extensive costs in regards to labor hours. You must also pay for the tear-off, removal, and landfill fees of the old roof, a considerable expense for larger facilities.

Added Benefits

Aside from a lower cost, roof restorations come with added benefits for your roofing. Roof coatings can endow a roof with beneficial properties, including heightened reflectivity. This means that, rather than absorbing the sun’s heat, a treated roof will reflect dangerous UV rays. This reduces the internal temperature of your structure and lowers your monthly energy bills. Some roof coatings can also make it more difficult for dirt and debris to accumulate on your roofing, or can offer specialized defense for the particular needs of your area.

At Weather Guard Roofing, we are your expert source for a roof restoration in Wharton and Spring, TX. To learn more or schedule service, reach out to our team today at __PHONE__.

Choosing a Roofing Material

With so many materials to choose from, it can be overwhelming to try to decide what should go on your roof. The best thing you can do is research. Beforehand, drive around and look at people’s roofs. Seeing what you like will help you better be able to imagine what you want on your roof. Here are a couple of things to consider when you’re choosing a new roofing material.

What To Look At

Budget – The first thing you will need to do is think about what you want to spend or what you can spend. Once you know what your budget is, you can decide if that is going to work for you or not.

Material – This goes back to what we mentioned above with choosing something that you like and you will want to see on your roof every day. That being said, you will want to research what you are looking at and see if it is a solid material and how long it will last on your roof.

Company – Don’t forget that the company that will install your roof is there for you. Make sure you are asking questions and never be afraid to call and talk to someone if you are unsure of what to do about your roof.

If you are looking for a top quality company that always puts their customers first, consider choosing us here at Weather Guard Roofing. Just give us a call at 979-532-0928 and you will see that we are dedicated to our customers every step of the way.

Unwanted Houseguests- Signs You Have an Animal in Your Roof

Chances are, you’ve heard at least one horror story about the damage caused by an animal getting into a home’s roofing system. Unfortunately, the stories are true. Animals can cause material damage, missing material, holes, and leaks to your roofing system. However, there are signs to look for to catch animal nesting early and prevent costly animal damage.

Animal Damage Can be Costly and Time-Consuming if Not Caught Early.

Scratching and Rustling Sounds

As elementary as it may seem, animals make noise. Therefore listening for scratching, rustling or clicking noises on your roof, especially at night, can be the first sign that you have a visitor.


Another great sign that you may have a houseguest is an extensive amount of animal droppings on your roof. This indicates that an animal has been spending an unusual amount of time on, or in, your roof and removal measures should be explored.

Smells and Odors

Along with wild animals, comes wild animal smells. This smells can carry all through your home, especially if the animal has already found its way into your attic. Any odd or strange smells should be investigated and any holes found should be repaired.

Holes and Damages

Perhaps the most noticeable sign that your roof has acquired a furry friend is the absence or damage of your roofing materials. Once the animal has chewed through your roofing materials, however, they must be repaired and replaced. Noticing animal activity before this point can save you hundreds in damage repair.

If you think you may have an animal friend lodging in your roof, call our experts right away to deliver proper extraction and repair services. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help to rid your home of any unwanted creatures safely and humanely while delivering helpful details on animal damage repair options that won’t break your bank. Call us today at __PHONE__ to learn more.

Roof Inspections: How Often Should You Get One



When it comes to your roof, you always want to make sure it is looking it’s very best. If it has a problem or hasn’t been looked at in a while, it may be time now to get that taken care of. A roof inspection is something that everyone should have once a year so that your roof can maintain its shape for as long as it originally was supposed to. Roofs usually have a timeline that they live by. Shingle roofing usually lasts around 20 years, slate roofing, for 70-100 years, metal, over 50 years, but none of those will last that long if they are not properly taken care of. In order to do that, they must be inspected.


Why Have Your Roof Inspected

Repairs – Sometimes roofing materials start to fall apart or even fall off altogether. Many times you can see damage from the ground, but there are certain types of damage and certain spots that you may not be able to see. If these spots are not taken care of, then they will get worse; causing things like water damage, and roof replacements.

Warranties – Many times when you get a new roof, it comes with a warranty. The stipulation of that warranty though, is that you will need to have the roof inspected once a year to make sure it is being maintained properly.

If you are in search for someone to do your roof inspection, look no further and call Weather Guard Roofing at (281) 565-3393 and let one of our experts take care of it for you right away.

The Difference Between Hail Storm Damages & Wind Storm Damages

roof maintenance

Is Your Roof Safe From Storm Damages?

Storms are  part of every year, but they can be fairly brutal to our roof systems. However, not all storms damage our roofs the same way. Today we will go over two common storm types, including storms with high winds, and storms with hail.

Hail Storms

Hail storms are generally the storms that give homeowners the bigger worries. Hail can vary in size, and cause several different damages to roofing shingles. The most obvious damages are the the dents in the top of the shingles that happen after impact. However, the lower side of the shingle is usually where the most damage happens, when the hail hits it. Other types of hail damage involve asphalt loss on the shingles, which leaves the shingles vulnerable to additional damages.

The best thing you can do if your roof has been affected by hail is to call for an inspection right away. Impact resistant shingles are also available to protect against hail.

High Wind Storms

High winds usually aren’t as feared, but in reality, wind can actually cause more damage to your roof than you might think. The wind is particularly destructive to roofs that aren’t properly maintained. For example, if a roof has one missing shingle when a storm with high winds hits, that weak spot could allow the wind to tear off large sections of the roof relatively quickly. Wind is particularly damaging to the edges of your roof.

To learn more, or to schedule roof repairs or maintenance, give us a call today at 281-565-3393!

Does Your Home Have a Roof Leak?

When a roof leak invades your home, it usually comes as a surprise; and not the good kind. Unfortunately, they are hard to detect and unless you are looking for it, you may miss it all together. Because roof leaks usually have to go through an attic before it reaches a main living area, the problem is usually way worse than it initially could have been. This is a major reason that roof inspections are so important because they catch the problem before it has a chance to get any worse. There are a few signs to look out for though that will alert you that you probably have a roof leak.

Signs To Look Out For

Mold – Mold thrives in moisture. So If you start to begin to see mold growing on your ceiling, this means that water is coming into your wall from somewhere and more than likely it is from your roof.

Bent Up Shingles – The shingles on your roof are meant to lay flat so when you begin to see them bend up, it is a sign that there is water damage that has occurred in that spot. Shingles are very durable and can usually last through intense weather but, when water sits on the shingle for too long it will start to bend and pull away from your roof causing major damage.

Brown Stains On Ceiling – This is usually the sign that most people notice first before they realize they have a water leak. Water coming through your roof will stain the ceiling.

If you notice any of these signs, be sure to give Weather Guard Roofing a call at __PHONE__ and let us handle your roof leak problem right away.

Winter Roof Leaks

Winter can give your roof a hard time. The snow, ice, cold rain, wind, and more may wreak havoc and leave you with problems you didn’t imagine. Winter roof leaks as a result of the weather can happen anywhere on your roof.

It is important to have your roof checked yearly for major problems. It is also a very good idea to have it checked after any major weather-related incidents. Heavy winter weather is one of those incidents. Prior to winter, have your roof evaluated for weaknesses. After winter, if you have signs of roof leaks and other damage, have it checked again.


Snow and Icicles on Roof

Winter Roof Leaks

Snow may seem light, but snow piled up on your roof gets heavy. Wet snow is even heavier. Even a new roof can be damaged under the weight of snow. The best thing to do is start by making sure your roof is ready for this part of winter weather. After snowfall, you should have your roof checked for damage, like leaks. If leaks are found, schedule repairs immediately.


Icicle may look nice, but they can be signs of a problem. They may mean that your roof isn’t draining properly. Ice dams are the same sign. The water is coming off your roof only to freeze at the edge. When this happens, you risk water and ice buildup damaging your roof. Your sealing may crack, and water may leak into your roof. This can lead to roof rot and other problems.

Don’t let winter weather cause roof damage. Prevent and mend winter roof leaks with the help of our services at Weather Guard Roofing. Call for expert roofing services in Houston, TX, at 281-565-3393.

When Is It Time To Call a Professional for Roof Repairs?

When Is It Time To Call a Professional For Roof Repairs?

Learn When You Should Call a Roofer for Residential Roof Repairs.

The roof over our home provides us with many essential things. It offers protection, comfort, and shelter. Because of these things, it’s crucial to call a professional for roof repairs when you roof is not in the best shape. There are many ways to know when to call a roofer, with a couple of examples outlined below. Learn when you should call a licensed roofer for roof repairs.

Water Damage

This is one of the most common signs you need roof repairs. If you see water damage on your interior walls or ceiling, you most likely have a roof leak that requires immediate attention.

Shingles Are Missing

If you feel comfortable enough, get on a ladder on your roof. Are shingles missing? Shingles usually go missing due to heavy winds or severe storms. Without shingles, it’s easier for water to get into your home.

Granule Loss

This really only applies to asphalt shingles, but if you see that the granules on your shingles have fewer granules, call a plumber. This indicates the old age of a roof. While some granule loss is okay, a lot of times it can cause roof leaks.

Flashing Is Damaged

The flashing refers to the metal sheets that are installed around the vents and chimney of your roof to prevent any leaks from occurring. When the flashing is cracked or damaged, it makes your roof more susceptible to leaks.

If you need roof repair or replacement in Spring, TX, Call Weather Guard Roofing at 281-565-3393 today.

4 Signs You Need a Complete Roof Replacement

4 Signs You Need a Complete Roof Replacement

Think You Need a Complete Roof Replacement? Look Out for These Signs.

Because our roof is what protects our loved ones and valuables protected, it’s important to have a roof that’s in good condition. Unfortunately, there will come a time when you need a full roof replacement. It can be difficult to tell when you need a replacement but there are definite signals that indicate it’s a good time. Below are five signs you need a complete roof replacement.

Old Age

Roofing systems can last a long time, traditionally up to 20 years. If your roof is 20 years or older, it’s time to replace it. While it may seem like you could wait awhile longer, it’s better to replace it before something disastrous happens further down the road.

Cupped and Curled Shingles

If you feel secure enough to get on your roof, check the state of your shingles. Are the edges of the shingles curling up? Or do your shingles have the appearance of bubbling to them? Cupped and curled shingles are a sure sign it’s time to replace your whole roof.

Your Neighbors Are Doing It

Usually, neighborhoods will have houses that were all built within the same timeframe. Because of this, they tend to undergo the same type of conditions. Have you had several neighbors who have recently upgraded to a completely new roof? You might consider following suit.

Rot On the Roof

One of the serious signs you need a complete roof replacement is when the roof is rotting. Roof rot can lead to a series of problems so it’s important to get your roof replaced as soon as possible if you have a rotting roof.

If you need roof repair and replacement in Spring, TX or Wharton, TX, please call Weather Guard Roofing today at 281-565-3393.