6 Eco Friendly Roofing Options

Here is a guide to a few Eco-friendly roofing options that you may want to consider. However, the practicality depends on the climate, the style of your roof, and how much you’re willing to invest.

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Recycled Shingles- Shingles made from recycled waste materials, such as plastic, rubber, or wood fiber are some of the most popular and considered the most “green” as well.  Recycled-content shingles are not only surprisingly durable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Some of these even offer fire ratings that may reduce your insurance rates.

Cool roofs- Cool roofs contains a mixture of white glue and white gravel. This combination reflects the sun’s rays and reduces the amount of heat that permeates the home. Lower heat means that there is less need for air conditioning, which cuts out the need for electricity created from coal-fired power plants. It’s no wonder they represent the fastest-growing segment of the roofing industry.

Metal roofs- Much like wood shingles, metal roofs can be produced from recycled products and recycled themselves. They can also last 50 years or more while reflecting heat and lowering energy costs. Believe it or not, metal roofs are a great investment for anyone and not just green homeowners.

Clay tiles- You may notice a theme here, but did you know that clay tiles are also recyclable? These are most common in desert climates due to their ability to reflect the heat and because of their durability. You can also save on electricity costs since clay tiles insulate against heat and cold.

Slate tiles- These are among the sturdiest of the roofing materials. Slate roofs is often measured in centuries instead of years. Re-purposed slate tile is said to be the greenest option, since it keeps usable tile out of landfills.

Solar cells- Better known as “building integrated photovoltaic technology,” solar cells consist of installing small solar cells into common roofing materials, such as shingles and metal. Despite how expensive this technology can be, it actually balances out a home’s energy costs by multiplying its power usage with solar electricity. This can save you a large amount on your energy bills in the long run.

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