How to Make Your Home or Business More Energy Efficient

energy efficient homeEverybody could use a little more cash in this day and age, but did you know making some improvements to your home or commercial property could save you hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bill? If your home or business property hasn’t been updated in awhile, you could be losing money in a couple of unexpected places, read on to learn how you could make your property more energy efficient!

Are Your Windows Energy Efficient?

Your old windows may be scratched and dingy, but they could also be costing you lots of money! Old windows made of outdated glass can cost your home or business a lot of money in wasted energy every year. Not only do windows start to leak air as they age, but the glass they are made of is not as energy efficient as modern glass. Energy Efficient glass, or Low-E glass, reflects up to 90% of the sun’s UV rays, keeping your home or business cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Replacing your old windows with Low-E glass can save you hundreds on your energy bill.

Is Your Roof Cool?

No, we don’t mean is it in style! Cool roofs are a type of roof that reflect more of the sun’s rays to keep your building cooler and save you money on your energy bill. Depending on what type of roof you have on your home or business there are several options for how to make your roof cool.  Contacting a licensed roofer and having a cool roof installed can save your household or business hundreds of dollars every year.

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